Google--Scholar Edition. Gives narrowed results, and also includes book excerpts, but some articles are only summaries which may point you in the right direction. Juniors: Enter your topic. Seniors: Enter the book you are interested in using and your topic.


One note: Book excerpts from the Google book search engine (which is part of the Scholar Edition) are usually not printable. If you enter "full screen mode," you can copy documents a page at a time, but this can be tedious. GASP! Take notes!


Dogpile. Includes several search engines in one. Can be useful in bringing up different results.




The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University Help with just about any writing problem, from basic sentences to researching. The site also has a section on plagiarism.


Avoiding Plagiarism, from Indiana University at Bloomington
This site has guidelines to use and examples of what is and what is not plagiarism.


HOW TO AVOID PLAGIARISM Similar examples and guidelines from Northwestern University.Explanation of and Strategies to Avoid PlagiarismFrom DePauw University. Notice the strategies. They should sound familiar!


How to Write a Research Paper If you need a refresher, or feel lost in writing your paper, this may be a good place to look.


Sentence Combining Examples Writing sounding choppy? Look over the different ways to combine ideas.



ASK for a practice test if you want one!

Flashcards to study terms and tone words

More flashcards for terms.   Click on "Study" to begin.

A nice set of flashcards. You can view the term and the answer at one time.

Resources for writing the synthesis essay



Prepping for the Exam Advice, examples, and a whole bunch of figures of speech, rhetorical strategies, and logical fallacies. 


The Official Home of AP English Language and Composition There is an overall description here, plus a downloadable, detailed pdf file about the course.


AP_English_Language_and_Composition Brief AP language Overview at Wikipedia. Please notice the percentages listed for the test scores.


Cliff's Notes Overview of the Exam with Tips. (Yeah--ironic, eh?)


List of Rhetorical Devices



Free Response question examples from the College Board. These should give you an idea of what to expect.


Links for Decade Reports:

A Collection of Links about the 20th Century

Links by Decade and by Topic (Toys, Fashions, etc)

The Lone Star College Library Site that we looked at in class. It is well organized, and has many links.

Links for Decade Reports From Mrs. Yoder:

All topics: Nationmaster
Nationmaster is a great place to start if you're not sure what you want to research. This link takes you to a timeline set up by decades. Within the timeline are links to info about various topics from that decade.


A short timeline for each decade, with some clickable links. Another good place for coming up with ideas.


This site ( is great for getting ideas, but also has some in depth material about many topics, including some of the more difficult ones to find such as fads and fashions.

**The World Book Encyclopedia Online will have information about most U.S. and World Affairs topics, as well as some things about science, inventions, and important people from any topic area.

Once you have a topic in mind, has information on many historical topics and is easy to search.


This website ( only covers the 1930's, but has information and links to information for many topics.



**The link below takes you to the Biography Reference Bank from Infohio. IIt's the second link down on the left.)

Type in the name of whomever you are researching, and there's a good chance he/she's there.




This link takes you to Science Online where you can click on "Timelines" on the right side for ideas to research if your topic is science and inventions.


The following link takes you to a list of important people and discoveries of the 20th century. You can click on each to get a short article:

**These sources can also be reached through infohio.


Fads and Fashion


The fashion-era website is written by adults who know something about fashion history, making it one of the few reliable websites for this subject:


You can find short articles about a lot of fads from the twentieth centry on the site below:


The following site has information about food in the twentieth century, organized by decade:



Biographies of famous athletes of the twentieth century: