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Classroom Rules:
1. RESPECT others and their property.
2. Come to class prepared, on time, and ready to learn.
3. Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
4. All school rules apply in the classroom.

Classroom Procedures:
1. Before the bell rings you will be in your seat and quiet.
2. Assignments will be posted on the whiteboard each day.
3. Work handed in will be due at the beginning of class. Late work may be turned in with a 10% reduction of each day late up to half credit. Effort checks will not be eligible to turn in late.
4. You must use a pencil to complete all work done in class. Pens may be used for grading purposes and/or for note taking.
5. Your 3-Ring Binder must include all class notes and assignments. Notebooks will be checked usually towards the end of the chapter. However, homework and notebook quizzes can be given at any time.

1. Verbal Warning
2. Removal from classroom
3. Detention
4. Office Visit
5. Scheduled conference

Grading Policy:
1. Classwork and Homework: 75% of total grade
2. Tests and Quizzes: 25% of total grade


***Note: If a student is behind in classwork/homework a student will be issued a homework help session after school during the detention times of Tuesday, Thursday or Friday to make up the missing assignments.

Absence Policy:
1. It is the student's reponsibility to find out what assignments, notes, etc were missed when absent.
2. Homework due on the day of the absence will be checked the day of the student's return.
3. Unexcused absences result with an automatic zero for the work completed that day.
4. You have as many days to make up missed work for as many days you are excused.

Contact Information:
If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

My e-mail is: mbaldwin@strykerpanthers.org.
If you would like to set up a conference, please e-mail or contact me at the school.

About Me:
~My name is Melanie Baldwin and this year marks my 11th year as a Stryker Math Teacher. I graduated from Ayersville High School in 2000 and from BGSU in 2004. I also completed a Masters Degree in Classroom Technology.