Acceptable Use Policy/Parent Consent Form

You may wonder why we are requiring an AUP form to be signed at this time. Every year we apply for e-rate funding and we are currently receiving about $40,000 from our e-rate grant. This pays for most of our Internet access, telephone service and sometimes other technology upgrades. The E-rate funding now requires we have an AUP in place for staff, students, and substitutes.


We are not printing the AUP for everyone in an effort to save paper. However, the consent form must be printed, signed, and handed into the office. If for some reason you can't print a copy of the consent form, please e-mail Lynn Miller, Elaine Aguilar or Kirsten Meyer. Thank you.

Please read the Stryker Local School's Acceptable Use Policy. Click here to access the AUP.



For the consent form, please click here.