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Stryker Senior's tour Sauder's Woodworking Plant for Local Careers!





Stryker students raise over $2600 for

"Christmas for Kids"

100% of 3rd Grade Students Pass Reading Guarantee!

Congratulations to Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs. Rufenacht, Mrs. Olmstead and ALL third grade students!!!!!



features online classes for all students enrolled and not enrolled in a public school. For more information, go to





Everyday Math , TenMarks, and Study Island, are now accessible at home. TenMarks is available for grades 1-10 while Study Island is available for reading in grades K-8. Study Island also is available for OGT/ACT/SAT prep for grades 9-12. Everyday Math is available for grade K-6. Your child has received a login ID for these programs. Click any of the links above to access the login pages.