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Northwest Ohio Virtual Academy (NOVA)

features online classes for all students enrolled and not enrolled in a public school. For more information, go to www.abc-nova.org.



Calamity Day Contingency Plan

The Stryker Board of Education has approved a Calamity Day Contingency Plan to address several of the days that the district must make up.  Currently the district will be making up 4 days in the month of April thru the use of extended days and Friday April 18 with a district early release at 1:05pm.  Also at this time, June 2, 2014 is also a makeup day, any future make up days will be added to the end of the calendar year.

The Stryker Local School District schedule will be as follows for extended school days:


*School days will be extended by a total of 1 hour

*School Begins at: 7:55am 

*School Ends at: 3:35pm  [ Elementary releases at 3:30pm ]


March 31-April 4:  Extended School Days

April 7 – April 11:  Extended School Days

April 14-17: Extended School Days

Friday April 18; Regular start time [8:30am], with early release for students at 1:05pm 

April 21-24; Extended School Days


April 25; Regular start and end school day   [8:30am to 3:10pm]


Bus Schedules:   Busing times will be also changed. 

-AM Pick Up;  will be approximately 35 minutes earlier than your child’s current pick up time.

-PM Drop Off; approximately 25 minute later than your child’s current drop off time.



- Breakfast serving will begin at 7:30am


K-5 Extended Learning Program:  

- No am Extended Learning program during extend school day dates

-The pm program will continue and pick up time will be 4:55pm during extended school days


21st Century Learning Program:  

- The am program will begin at 7am

- The pm program will continue and pick up time will be 5:45pm during extended school days








Stryker Quiz Team Finishes 1st!

The Stryker Quiz Bowl Team WON the Williams County League Tournament by defeating Hicksville. In the regular season, the Stryker team finished second, losing only to Hicksville.










Everyday Math , TenMarks, and Study Island, are now accessible at home. TenMarks is available for grades 1-10 while Study Island is available for reading in grades K-8. Study Island also is available for OGT/ACT/SAT prep for grades 9-12. Everyday Math is available for grade K-6. Your child has received a login ID for these programs. Click any of the links above to access the login pages.




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